As well as Glasgow Airport parking options and facilities, there might soon be another transport solution on the table for those trying to get to and from this departure point. As reported recently by The Scotsman, a proposal for a high speed monorail link has been put forward by one of the people responsible for the design of the Channel Tunnel, and the idea might prove popular with the city’s commuters as well as frequent flyers using Glasgow Airport on a regular basis.

Future Developments for Glasgow Airport

Jim Beckett and his brother John have spent the last seven months researching their monorail project and believe it could offer the best solution for travellers as well as residents. The route to and from Glasgow Airport would contain key stops at landmark destinations including Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Braehead Shopping Centre, the Riverside Museum and the SECC, meaning that use of the monorail wouldn’t just be limited to those travelling to and from Glasgow Airport. The project, entitled Clyde Monorail, would allow travellers to complete the entire route encompassing Glasgow Airport and all other stops, in just 18 minutes.

Tough Competition?

However, as appealing as this proposal is for Glasgow Airport users as well as residents, it faces tough competition from the tram-train link favoured by officials. Beckett thinks his plan offers more for wider transport infrastructure, whereas the train-tram link is just limited to passengers generated by the use of Glasgow Airport.

Other Alternatives

The Clyde Monorail certainly offers a wide range of benefits for Glasgow residents and those flying to and from Glasgow Airport, but what other options do travellers have? Parking at Glasgow Airport could well be another viable way for those who want to get to Glasgow Airport as quickly as possible, not only cutting out additional transport costs but also offering added convenience in the form of secure and economical Glasgow Airport parking facilities.

So what’s the best way to get to and from Glasgow Airport? Well, in the future, a monorail system could well be a possibility, but until then making good use of the Glasgow Airport parking options that are currently available could definitely ease travel stress as well as save holiday makers money.