35% Off Maple Parking Stansted Discount Codes

How Do I Get Cheaper Parking at Stansted with Maple Parking?

If you’re in holiday planning mode and looking to save as much as you can on the extras, our Maple Parking Stansted discount codes can get you cheaper airport parking. Firstly, they can save you an extra 35% on standard parking rates when you use one to book online with our parking widget below. And secondly, they provide an affordable park and ride service with only a 2-3 minute transfer from the Stansted terminal. Booking online using the code on our widget below will guarantee you a cheaper price and is one of the best value ways to secure your holiday parking space.

What is the Best Car Park to Use at Stansted Airport?

Maple Parking Stansted provides a fantastic park and ride service that is not only cheaper but also much more convenient than other park and rides services for this airport. One of its main advantages is location as it is situated only 2-3 minutes transfer time from the main terminal so it won’t add too much extra travel time. However, it comes with much lower costs than parking on-site, especially when you save even more with one of our Maple Parking Stansted discount codes.

Where is the Cheapest Place to Park at Stansted?

The Maple Parking Stansted park and ride car park is one of the cheapest Stansted Airport parking options. As you can see from our example quotes below, it is significantly cheaper than leaving your car on-site, and our parking widget gives you access to all current Maple Parking Stansted discount codes and other available online savings.

What is the Difference Between On-Site and Off-Site Parking at Stansted Airport?

If you choose on-site Stansted Airport parking, then this means you will drive your car straight to the terminal, park it in a designated secure car park, and take a short walk to the terminal building. Booking off-site park and ride airport parking involves taking your vehicle to a location a short drive from the airport. You then book in your car before catching a shuttle transfer to the terminal. This does add more time to your door-to-door travel and isn’t as convenient, but it is usually much cheaper.

How Does Maple Parking Stansted Work?

Once you have booked your parking using one of our Maple Parking Stansted discount codes, you will receive a booking confirmation via email. On your departure date, take your car to their drop off location (see below for further details) and leave your keys with a member of their staff. They will then park your car for you in their secure parking area. You then catch their transfer service to the Stansted terminal to check in and catch your flight. When returning, they ask that you give them 24 hours notice before you land, and then call their team again once you have collected your luggage. Their transfer service will pick you up from the designated meeting point and take you to their main car park where your car will be ready to collect.

How Much Can I Save with a Maple Parking Stansted Discount Code?

When you book using one of the Maple Parking Stansted discount codes on our parking widget, you can save as much as 35% on standard rates. And to further increase your chances of getting a lower rate, we also recommend booking your airport parking as far in advance as possible.

How Much is One Week’s Parking at Stansted with Maple Parking?

We have used our resources to find example quotes for this company so you can compare with on-site Stansted Airport parking quotes (all quotes correct at time of writing and are subject to change):

Autumn (October 2023) – Maple Parking Stansted: £87.99 / Official On-Site Stansted Airport Parking: £104.99

Winter (January 2024) – Maple Parking Stansted: £44.99 / Official On-Site Stansted Airport Parking: £91.99

Spring (March-April 2024) – Maple Parking Stansted: £47.99 / Official On-Site Stansted Airport Parking: £91.99

Summer (July-August 2024) – Maple Parking Stansted: £74.99 / Official On-Site Stansted Airport Parking: £131.99

Can I Just Turn Up and Park at Stansted with Maple Parking?

You must book with Maple Parking Stansted online in advance to secure your reservation as they will not be able to guarantee a space for you otherwise. If you want to book during busy holiday periods, we also recommend doing this as early as you can to not only secure a reservation, but also potentially get a lower rate.

Where Can I Find a Current Maple Parking Stansted Discount Code?

If you come to this page, you will see the most up to date Maple Parking Stansted discount code on our parking widget. You can then use it to search for available parking during your travel dates, and the code saving will be taken off.

How Do I Use a Maple Parking Stansted Discount Code?

Because the code has already been applied to the parking widget, you don’t need to copy and paste it again when confirming your booking. So all you need to do is simply enter your travel dates on the parking widget, and the quotes that come up will already have the discount code applied. Just find the Maple Parking Stansted quote in the search result and booking your parking. If you don’t see any Maple Parking Stansted quotes, then don’t worry – this usually means they don’t have any availability for those dates, but you can still claim the discount on one of the other quotes.

Are There Any Maple Parking Stansted Reviews Online?

Yes, you can find recent reviews on their Feefo page, where there are currently more than 7000. With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, many positive comments mention their quick transfer time and that their vehicles were well looked after.

Where is the Maple Parking Stansted Location?

The Maple Parking park and ride car park is located adjacent to the Holiday Inn Express on Thremhall Avenue. This is 2-3 minutes drive from the Stansted Airport terminal.

What is the Maple Parking Stansted Contact Number?/

You can contact their head office on 03333 222333. If you have an email query prior to booking, please use [email protected], or after booking, please email [email protected].