Cheap Atlanta Airport Parking Coupons & Promo Codes

Travelling to and from Atlanta Airport? Be sure to use our coupon codes to ensure you get the cheapest Atlanta Airport Parking. You can save your money for unforgettable travel experiences when you use our widget to get up to 60% off your parking space. Even better, use one of our Atlanta Airport Parking coupons to get an extra 20% off on top of your original savings. Our site is updated daily with all of the latest discounts. Our widget sources all of the hottest deals from the most reputable suppliers such as Park n Fly and Wally Park. You won’t find better discounted parking at Atlanta Hartsfield airport anywhere else. Just input your details into the widget and let us find you the best parking deal possible.

What parking options are available on our widget? 

Self Park: If you are intending to save a bit of money and park your car yourself, we have a variety of options available. For example Wally Park offers you a self park service with a shuttle service from your car door to the airport terminal, plus free bottled water and a newspaper for extra perks. 

Valet Parking: Starting your vacation off in style? Be sure to select one of the valet parking options made available on our widget. With our great discounts, you can get  the VIP experience for far less. Don’t waste time trying to find a space, instead drop your keys off with the valet and head straight to the terminal whilst they find the perfect space for your car.

What are the different parking options at Atlanta Airport? 

Why park miles away from the terminal when Atlanta airport has so many great options on-site? Here are all the options available to you, so whether you’re going away for a month or just a weekend break, your parking is covered.

Short Stay: Located in the South and North parking lots, the airport’s short stay parking option is great for those who are looking to pick up or drop off loved ones. These car parks are located closest to the terminal entrance, making it extremely easy to drop off and go without hassle or the need for a shuttle service. 

Daily: Park for the entire day or overnight in this 4-deck medium length stay parking facility. All the parking is covered for extra protection from the elements. Each of their daily car parks are located directly across from the terminals for quick and easy access to your terminal of choice.

Economy: Save some extra money by using their airport’s economy parking service. Avoid catching a shuttle bus but don’t pay the premium location prices with this option. Moreover, this parking option has the lowest maximum rate of just $10 a day. This is one of the cheapest Atlanta airport parking options 

Park & Ride: Avoid the hustle and bustle of parking close to the terminals and take a more relaxed approach using the Park & Ride. This offers a convenient services to the airports South and North terminal buildings. Free shuttle buses are available to take you from your car to check-in. It really couldn’t be easier. 

Long stay: Long term parking at Atlanta airport is a great idea if you are planning to leave your car for over a week. Not only does it guarantee your car’s security but it can be a cheaper option the longer you stay. Park your car in one of the airports high security long-stay lots and you can rest assured that it is safely waiting for you on your return. 

International hourly: The international hourly lot is located just minutes away from your check-in desk for maximum convenience. This car park holds over 1,000 spaces as well as spaces for vans and carpools. 

International Park & Ride: The international park and ride is located on the Jackson JR Boulevard and boasts 2,400 individual spaces. The shuttle bus to the terminal takes less than three minutes and extremely frequent, facilitating a super easy travel experience. What’s more, the free shuttle bus is available 24 hours a day.

How much is it to park at ALT?

Here are all of the most up to date hourly and daily rates at all 5 of Atlanta airport’s great parking options. Don’t forget you can get the best parking deals at Atlanta Airport when you use our widget.

Hourly RatesDay Ticket 
Short Stay $3 for 1-2 hours/ $4 for 3-6$36
Park & Ride $3/hour$10
International Hourly $3 for 1-2 hours/ $4 for 3-6$36
International Park & Ride$3$14

What are the benefits of parking at Atlanta Airport?

With such a range of airport parking options, the benefits of booking your parking at Atlanta airport are endless. When you select all of the options apart the park and ride service, you are guaranteed less than three minutes from the terminals. Forget about carrying your luggage for miles when you can be at your check-in desk in no time. The airport also caters for disabilities, offering a courtesy shuttle that runs between the hours of and midnight every day of the week. Courtesy vans are on hand if you have any problems with your vehicle or require any emergency assistance. 

Additionally, if you own an electric car, there are multiple EV charging stations located across the different car parks. The ATL has its own goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from 2008 to 2020. and their efficient EV charging stations are a great means of doing so. These charging stations are located: 

South and North Domestic Daily Terminal

Southern Employee Lot 

International Hourly Deck 

International Park & Ride 

Technical Support Campus 

Maintenance building 1 

Gold Reserve Parking: If you are looking to have the smoothest airport parking experience, be sure to invest in Atlanta Airport’s Gold Reserve Parking. Forget waiting in line or risking not getting a space, with gold reserve parking, a space is reserved for you in an exclusive and separate zone. For those frequently travelling to and from Atlanta airport or expecting to park at the airport for more than 12 days per year, it is well worth investing in this membership. To become a gold parker and secure your gold membership today by calling (404) 530-6725.  What’s more, you can get discounted Atlanta airport parking when you book with us, so get the for less when you use our coupons. 

Current Parking Impacts: ATLNext is a brand new development programme in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. Spanning over the next 20 years, the airport will be undergoing a series of different projects to modernise and improve the overall functioning of the airport. Existing facilities will be updated as well as enhancing the airports aesthetic appeal. All of this development, however, may impact on airport parking. As part of the project, ATL are looking to completely replace the North and South parking decks to make the entire parking experience easier for its customers. But not to worry, the airport has a page dedicated to updating you with all the lastest parking disruptions so that you can prepare and adjust your journey accordingly. Don’t forget to check this page before booking any cheap parking at Atlanta airport on our site. 

What makes Hartsfield-Jackson one of the world’s biggest airports?

Atlanta Airport is in fact the busiest airport in the world, accommodating over 100 million passengers a year and up to 300,000 a day. This airport can accommodate more flights than any other, making it Georgia’s largest employer. In addition to its ‘busiest airport’ title, it is also named the most efficient airport in the world by the Air Transport Research Society, so you can count on this airport to get you where you need to go. Even their airport parking systems are some of the most efficient in the world, so you can travel in confidence. Be sure to book early using our widget so you beat the crowds and get access to the best parking deals at Atlanta airport first. 

Your Guide To Atlanta Airport Entertainment 

Waiting for a layover, delayed flight or simply getting to the airport early doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in for a long and boring wait. As one of the busiest airports in the world, Atlanta airport has plenty of activities available to keep you entertained.  With the convenience of their airport parking system coupled with so much to see and do, why fly from anywhere else?

Food and Drink: ATL at Skypointe is the airports very own gourmet restaurant, serving you fine food to get you in the vacation mood. Once you’ve pre booked your parking, you’ll be in no rush and can enjoy some great tasting dishes before your flight. The airport also has a brand new food court, Concourse C Connection, packed with all of your food favourites such as Great Wraps, Salad Works and Leann Chin. Grab a bite just before you head off on vacation. 

Airport artwork: The Atlanta airport runs its very own Airport Art Program that works to develop and integrate art into the ATL’s overall environment. Art is incorporated into the design off its terminals to benefit both passengers and employees. The art programme commissions great local artists to create stunning works for the airport as well as scheduling regular performing arts exhibitions. 

Music: The airport frequently hosts some of the best artists America has to offer through their concourses daily. Soak up the sounds of the South whilst you relax in an airport lounge and wait for your flight. Some of the top names that have played at the Hartsfield Jackson include Frank Houston, Jason Bitten, Ron James and many more. 

Shops: Forgotten some key items for your vacation or simply wish to browse the airports vast range of retail outlets? Shop designer stores such as Micheal Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and Bvigari. Alternatively accessorise like a pro with Swarovski crystals add another charm to your Pandora bracelet to commemorate the vacation. You can also stock up on all your beauty essentials in ATL’s Beauty Lounge, packed with great stores such as MAC Cosmetics, L’Occitane and The Body Shop. 

How to Contact Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport 

If you have any concerns about the airports parking system or need to contact the ATL, you can  contact them on 800) 897-1910 or contact a specific division using this list. Get social and keep up to date with all the latest airport news and developments by following them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube