How Do I Find the Cheapest Rates for Cophall Parking Gatwick?

This company is an off-site Gatwick Airport parking operator with more than 40 years’ experience, and they could offer you a better deal on your booking. Our parking widget offers you an extra 35% off your parking with this company, by giving you a Cophall Parking Gatwick discount code on top of already reduced rates. We can access special discounted rates so when you search for a quote using the box below, this brings you a cheaper rate AND and that extra saving too via a discount code too.


What is the Cheapest Way to Park Your Car at Gatwick Airport?

Being one of the UK’s busiest airports, there are so many parking options available. And this means it can be tricky finding not only the cheapest option, but the cheapest option that is best for you. Using a park and ride service is usually the best value, and this is cheaper because it means you don’t park on site near the terminal. Instead, you take your vehicle to an off-site car park, and you are then driven to the terminal via a shuttle bus service. Park and ride is available both via Gatwick Airport, but also with independent companies like Cophall Parking Gatwick. In fact, Cophall has been running a Gatwick park and ride service for more than 40 years!


Is It Cheaper to Book Off-Site Gatwick Airport Parking?

In general, off-site parking is usually much cheaper than parking on-site at Gatwick. And because there are a number of companies offering this service, rates are usually very competitive. When you input your travel dates into our parking widget, this does all the hard work for you by comparing the different quotes and bringing you the cheapest options. And if you choose to book with this company, then our Cophall Parking Gatwick discount codes can give you an extra 35% off the rates.


Is it Best to Book On-Site or Off-Site Gatwick Airport Parking?

This depends on your personal circumstances. Off-site parking is much cheaper (and usually has more availability), but if you have mobility issues or small children, you might prefer the convenience of parking at the airport terminal. When you search for quotes using our parking widget, this will bring up all available options and you can then compare and contrast prices and services. If you choose to use our Cophall Parking Gatwick discount codes to book with this company, then their drivers can help you with any heavy luggage or items when boarding their shuttle service.


When is the Best Time to Book with Cophall Parking Gatwick?

They are very busy during peak holiday periods, so we would recommend using our Cophall Parking Gatwick discount codes as soon as possible after booking your flights. Booking as far in advance as you can with our parking widget is also the best way of getting the cheapest rates, as these quotes include an extra 35% saving on top of any other parking discounts that have already been applied.


How Much Does it Cost to Park with Cophall Parking Gatwick for a Week?

After conducting searches for different dates using the booking widget, we have collated a number of quotes for Cophall Parking Gatwick and compared with the cheapest on-site quotes via the Official Gatwick Airport Parking site for the same dates. All of these quotes were generated using the 35% off code and are correct at time of writing:

Summer (July/August 2023) – Cophall: £129.59 / On-site Gatwick Airport parking: £235
Autumn (October 2023) – Cophall: £82.61 / On-site Gatwick Airport parking: £141
Winter (January 2024) – Cophall: £42.59 / On-site Gatwick Airport parking: £95
Spring (March 2023) – Cophall: £42.59 / On-site Gatwick Airport parking: £95

As you can see, there is a significant difference in price between off-site and on-site parking. And because these off-site quotes have been sourced using our Cophall Parking Gatwick discount codes, they are cheaper than booking direct with the company.


Can I Compare Cophall Parking Gatwick Quotes with Other Parking Options?

Yes, when you search for quotes using our booking widget below it will not only bring up discounted rates for Cophall Parking Gatwick, but also other off-site providers. All these quotes will have the 35% discount applied, so you can then compare prices and services before you book.


How Do I Find a Cophall Parking Gatwick Discount Code?

If you scroll down to our parking booking widget below, you will see that we have already input the Cophall Parking Gatwick discount code for you. This means all you need to do is come to this page to find the latest code.


How Do I Use a Cophall Parking Gatwick Discount Code?

Simply input your travel times in the parking widget and the Cophall Parking Gatwick discount code will automatically be applied to the quotes. There is no need for you to copy and paste the code yourself when you get to the airport parking search site.


What Happens if I Can’t Find a Quote for Cophall Parking Gatwick?

When you use the parking widget, it will show you all the available parking options for your dates. Cophall Parking Gatwick is usually top of the list as it is one of the cheapest off-site operators, but if it isn’t there, they may not have availability for your dates. If this is the case, the 35% discount code will still be applied to the other quotes provided.


Are There Any Online Reviews for Cophall Parking Gatwick?

Yes, you can find the latest online reviews on Reevoo. Cophall Parking Gatwick currently has a rating of 9 out of 10, from nearly 4000 reviews. There is lots of praise for their efficient and friendly service, and many people comment on how their car park is easy to find.


What is the Cophall Parking Gatwick Location?

Their address is Effingham Road, Copthorne, West Sussex, RH10 3HZ. This postcode will give you accurate directions via your satnav, and if you are travelling via the M25, please take the exit at junction 7 for the M23, and leave the M23 at junction 10. The Cophall Parking Gatwick contact number is 01342 712779, or you can email them on [email protected].