With airport lounge passes now becoming more popular thanks to lower prices, many UK airports are offering additional luxurious extras for passengers without the astronomical price tag. ‘Affordable luxury’ is the key phrase here, and Manchester Airport is at the forefront with the imminent opening of their brand new PremiAir private terminal this September.

A New Type of Terminal

The concept of a private airport terminal really does scream exclusivity, but the thinking behind this is to provide travellers with a number of different options before they board, or when they touch down in Manchester. Available to those flying with one of the PremiAir partner airlines, those planning short breaks can book one of their Priority packages designed for passengers carrying hand luggage only. The idea is that they are able to plan their journey to arrive at the terminal just 1 hour before they are due to fly. This means they can enjoy a private transfer to the plane as well as excellent hospitality to suit speedier travel plans.

Other PremiAir options include their Premium service when guests can relax in luxurious surroundings with complimentary food and drinks while their luggage is processed for them. There is also the option to experience these relaxed surroundings when they return from their journey too. And for private parties, there’s a great opportunity to book one of their private suites. This service will be ideal for everything from corporate meetings to family reunions.

Airport Parking to Add to Your Travel Convenience

This is part of a new wave of thinking that makes air travel as convenient and comfortable as possible, but not only from the moment a passenger steps on the plane – instead, from the moment they set foot in the airport. But what about before then? You might not necessarily include getting to the terminal as part of this relaxing experience, but thanks to the affordability of airport parking these days, getting there in your car can also add to this convenience and comfort. Cheap Manchester Airport parking is incredibly easy to find, thanks to a wide choice of options and parking providers. And for passengers where convenience is paramount, it’s possible to find an excellent price on services such as Meet and Greet parking where all you have to do is drive up to the terminal and a representative will park your vehicle for you.
There is no longer such a start contrast between the luxurious and budget travel experiences. With many options available, it’s possible to tailor your airport experience with the odd extra and still keep your holiday affordable.