With continuous drunken disruptions some have described the airport as a ‘wild west’ reports Telegraph.

 UK airports are exempt from licensing rules and this seems to be having a negative knock-on effect. With all shops, food outlets, coffee chains and sandwich stores entitled to sell alcohol 24 hours a day it seems as though many travellers are becoming overzealous.

What Difference Does It Make?

The reason the licensing or lack of it has initiated alarm is due to some of the increasing reports of unrest on flights. Drunken passengers have been responsible for a lot of irresponsible actions and flight attendants are left dealing with this behaviour whilst miles in the air. A law may need to be made for the safety of others, as it is most certainly an issue that keeps cropping up. Most short journeys don’t pose a threat with their being little time on a flight to consume excessive amounts but with the endless options available at the airport there is plenty of time to absorb numerous units of beers, spirits and more prior to boarding.


Minister Wants To Crack Down

Aviation Minister Tariq Ahmad has expressed his concern and how he’d like to implement laws that would ensure a crackdown of alcohol sales. At the moment it’s too easy for stores and food chains to sell beer when they wish- but with new regulations being enforced it could change the dynamics entirely. The minister’s main apprehension is that all travellers and customers should be safe and sound at all times. There has been a number of reports that have ended in nuisance or even dangerous drunks being arrested at the end of a flight.


Taking Precautions

There’s having fun and then there is overdoing it- why not enjoy your holiday? You may be one of many that believe the holiday starts at the airport where you get to enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage. With that said- you should know that you can be turned away from a flight for being ‘drunk’. So it is worth being careful with the amounts you consume and ensure to be ready for your flight in a timely manner too. Be sure to make all the right preparations using our travel checklist and also taking advantage of numerous parking options. Whether you are travelling from Edinburgh, Newcastle or East Midlands, you can be sure to act on Airport Parking discount codes. We have easy options for consumers to save up to 72% by simply activating East Midlands Airport parking codes. So if you need parking in the UK be sure to scroll through the array of choices.