Over 7 million business trips were taken abroad in 2016. Reports showed 3.7 million of us commute 2 hours to work every day.  So is travelling for work really all its cracked up to be? Or could we be looking at re-addressing the work life balance and spending more time at home than on the road.

Can you have all the Rewards and The Perks?

Do you have control over your travel arrangements? get to book your own flights or hotels? If you don’t you could be losing out on lots of rewards for regular travel and perks to being away from home

Air miles are an obvious reward choice for international business travel. By collecting air miles from business travel you can add perks to your own personal travel. Making that annual holiday with the kids a bit more bearable in money saving flights. Why not even make that romantic trip extra special with 1st class upgrades. When booking a flight, you can normally choose between different airlines, allowing you to take advantage of the best reward companies

Even most hotel chains offer points for stays away. For as little as 10 nights away can earn you a free reward like free nights. Although one free night in a Travelodge might not be a huge treat. It can be useful when you have odd timed flights for your own holiday. We use our odd nights to stay at a hotel prior to holidays to eliminate driving to the airport 7am flights.

Don’t travel abroad but are always on the road? Taking advantage of supermarket reward cards can see you rack up the rewards. By simply filling up the car with petrol from selected supermarket petrol stations you can earn.  You can turn your points into prizes and spend spare time on great family days out, spa days and even meals out

Travelling for Business Has Never Been So Convenient for Little Extra Cost

Do you get to take advantage of some of the convenient and luxury services available because you must be away from home? However, Parking at Airports, you can for as little as £10 extra take advantage of having your car picked up. It will also be brought back from right outside the terminal. Simply by booking Meet and Greet or VIP services. Perks like this if part of your business travel can save you an hour each way travelling. Ensuring you can leave home later and get home earlier around your trip

Airports are not always the most comfortable spaces and if you spend a lot of time in them you have probably perfected the art of finding the best 4g signal to hotspot from. However, does the budget cover an airport lounge? Airport lounges can offer you a quiet, comfortable work space. So, with food and drink included allowing you to enjoy your time at the airport or at least get some work done.

Not flying abroad? What about looking to upgrade your travel in the UK. If you shop around when booking your hotel on comparison sites. You can sometimes book a hotel that includes a spa, pool or gym for a similar price as the budget hotels. You might be away from home but its nice to end the day with a hot tub or relaxing swim.

Could an Office be a Better Work Solution?

Why not look to not travelling at all? Even business travel can be unavoidable at times, but have you thought about cutting down? having your own office, for people to come to you. Lots of business have many remote workers or travel to minimise their costs. But could be setting up your own office a better idea.

Companies like Rombourne Serviced Offices show you how you can setup small office spaces. Sometimes at very little extra cost to working from with extended business travel. Even big business like Google and Yahoo talk about how providing an office space for employees can increase productivity and limit the amount of hours people work. Providing a work smart not long attitude. A local office could minimise long commutes or even trips away as clients can visit you as easily as you visit them.

Your work and your home life could re coup 100’s of hours a year wasted on non-essential travel by setting up a small office space locally. Travelling for work is not always what its cracked up to be. If you are not able to take advantage of the perks is it worth being away quite so much. This year could be the year that you address the balance and take an office space and travel a bit less but with more perks.