Unfortunately travel disruption is often on the cards when any of us book a holiday. A lot of the time, this takes the form of delayed and cancelled flights, but it has been reported that a strike is due to take place at Glasgow Airport on one of their busiest days of the year – Sunday June 30th. This is the start of the Scottish school holidays and therefore a time when a lot of families choose to book to avoid many of the price hikes from mid-July onwards.

The airport has reassured travellers there are plans in place to avoid disruption as much as possible, but this is understandably a worry to many. So what should holidaymakers do if it looks like delays and disruption are on the cards? We’ve got a few suggestions…


Airport Contingency Plans

There are a number of things you can do if it looks like you might be hanging around the airport terminal for longer than expected, whether it’s due to striking airport workers, or delayed or cancelled flights.

Hotel Stays – If you’re given adequate notice about this potential disruption, then it might be worth considering an airport hotel stay the night before you fly. Being on site (or very near it) can be useful if you’re awaiting news, and being in the comfort of a hotel room makes it that much easier (along with a decent breakfast too, of course). Many airport parking providers offer hotel and parking packages that offer better value for money. Perfect if you’ve also reserved a nearby spot for your car from the following day onwards. Just set off the day before rather than the morning of your flight.

Lounge Passes – But once you get to the terminal, you might be in for a bit of a wait. There’s probably not much you can do about this, but you CAN make it that much more comfortable by arranging a lounge pass in advance. Cosy, quiet surroundings and complimentary food and drink might calm that travel stress a significant amount.

Know Your Rights – If delays and cancellations are on the cards, then there’s a good chance you might be able to claim some benefits or compensation. Check with your airline or travel insurance provider small print to see what you’re entitled to. You might be able to access food vouchers or money towards a hotel stay.

Airport Amenities – If you haven’t got the budget for a lounge pass, then take time to research the airport amenities before you set out. With many terminals now well equipped to entertain holidaymakers of all ages, you’ll know exactly what bits to visit while you wait to board.


The Benefits of Using Airport Parking

When it comes to planning for travel disruptions, there are obvious benefits to taking your car to the airport. Although you have a set time slot (so you still have to be at your designated car park at the same time), there’s a lot to be said for a car relieving the stress of the situation. Getting to the airport under your own steam means no lugging heavy bags on and off train platforms for starters. And you’re not at the mercy of the unreliability of public transport either.

And then there’s the cost. Yes, airport parking might be a bit more expensive than public transport, but when you book in advance and use one of the many online deals available, this could bring the price down considerably. It’s easy to find cheap Glasgow Airport parking on our site by using one of the available codes, but there are also plenty of other savings options for UK airports up and down the land. Parking at Airports is useful resource if you’re one of those holidaymakers that likes to plan for every eventuality – here you can get an excellent price on your airport parking when booking early, giving you that extra piece of mind. But you can also book holiday car hire and airport hotels too.

We all know there’s nothing that can actually prevent the dreaded travel disruption, but there are lots of things you can do to minimise the annoyance before you even set off!