There seems to be more news about airline closures than ever before, so it makes a change to highlight something a bit more positive. Easyjet have recently announced they are expanding their services in Scotland, so far adding another plane to their fleet in Glasgow, which means another route between this city and Birmingham. And that’s not all – there is more expansion to come north of the border.

So how does this benefit Scottish travellers and holiday makers? As well as accommodating up to 340,000 more passengers (plus creating 50 more jobs), a greater choice for flyers always brings extra benefits such as potentially lower flight prices and a greater availability of flight offers and discounts. In other words, more budget airline routes provide more choice for those on tighter budgets. But where else can we look to save money on additional travel costs?


Cheap Airport Parking

If you’ve never considered long stay airport parking before, then you might be wondering why ‘cheap’ and ‘airport parking’ are in the same sentence. Surely leaving your car at the terminal while you are away is going to cost a fortune? Well, it doesn’t have to. Quite the opposite in fact. These days, airport parking comes with a huge choice of providers and services, with different options designed for different budgets. Those looking to save money could opt for a park and ride service. This involves parking your vehicle in a secure car park a short distance from the terminal and using their regular shuttle service to get to and from the airport. This may not be as convenient as parking a short walk from departure point, but it can offer substantial savings on your parking charges.

If you book as far in advance as possible, then it can be easy to find cheap Glasgow Airport parking. The more choice there is, the more chance you have of finding lower prices. Add to that the extra discounts we can find here at Parking at Airports and you have yourself a very budget-friendly option indeed.


Saving on Holiday Extras

Booking your holiday flights with budget airlines often means putting together the rest of your holiday package yourself too. And if you know where to look, then you can also save a substantial amount of money in these areas too. We are now blessed with a large number of hotel and self-catering accommodation sites where you can source and compare prices and it’s also very easy to find reasonably priced travel insurance online. If you’re worried about getting to your accommodation once you get off the plane at the other end, there’s no reason you have to resort to pricey taxis or private transfers. On Parking at Airports, we can also get you discounts on those transport costs, including minibus transfers if you want to save even more money.

If you’ve never flown with a budget airline before, many now is the time to try it. With more and more routes available, there’s more choice than ever. Starting planning early to take advantage of the cheaper prices and you never know, it could be a huge amount of fun putting together your own holiday package!