Have you booked your first holiday in ages for 2022? If so, you’re not alone, and it’s understandable if you want to get the best value possible in all aspects of your getaway. But sticking to your budget not only means finding a great package holiday deal but also cheap Manchester Airport parking if you live in the north west. If you’ve never parked at Manchester Airport before, you’ve probably got lots of questions and concerns. But worry not, we’re here to answer all of them so you can find the lowest price and the most convenient service.

How Much Does it Cost to Park at Manchester Airport for 4 Days?

The cost of your Manchester Airport parking will depend on the type of service you book. There are usually 3 main types of airport parking – park and ride (which involves parking off-site and using a bus transfer service to get to the terminal), on-site parking, and meet and greet (where a member of staff meets you at the terminal and parks your car for you). All of these are available at Manchester Airport, and we’ve collated some quotes based on a 4 day break in spring 2022:

  • Cheapest Manchester Airport Park and Ride – NCP Flightpath: £46.69
  • Cheapest Manchester Airport On-Site Parking – Official Airport T3 Multi-Storey: £69.92
  • Cheapest Manchester Airport Meet and Greet – VIP Meet and Greet: £73.55

As you can see, the Park and Ride option is the cheapest by quite a distance, but this involves taking a 10 minute bus ride to the terminal, so may not be suitable or convenient for every type of holidaymaker. If you’d prefer to park on site and have just a short walk to your terminal, our search also brought up options for terminals 1 and 2 as well, and these start from around £79 for the same 4 day period. Please note, all of these quotes come with special discounts attached, so please do check what extra savings are available using our cheap Manchester Airport parking search tool. When you look, you might even find a bigger discount!

What is the Cheapest Way to Park at Manchester Airport?

As you can see from the above quote, using a Manchester Airport park and ride service is the cheapest way to park there, but there is still lots of difference in price between the various park and ride services. Using our Manchester Airport search tool is the best way to look for the lowest quote as it not only sifts through independent parking providers, but also official Manchester Airport services too. You can then assess each quote and consider all factors such as the length of time the bus transfer takes and whether it is a flexible booking so you can amend or cancel with no extra charges.

What Are the Parking Charges at Manchester Airport?

If you are picking up or dropping off someone at the airport, then you have a few choices. There is a free drop off area at their off-site JetParks 1 car park and your holidaymaker friends can then use the free shuttle service to get to their terminal. If you would rather take them straight to the terminal, then you can either pay £5 for 5 minutes parking or £6 for 10 minutes parking directly outside the terminal buildings. However, it’s important to note there is an overstay charge of £25 if you stay longer than 10 minutes, so you might want to use the multi-storey car park instead. This is a short walk from the terminals and costs £6 for up to 30 minutes, £12 for up to 1 hour, and £20 for up to 2 hours.

How Can I Find Cheap Manchester Airport Meet and Greet Parking?

You might think you have to book direct with Manchester Airport for a meet and greet service, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Using our parking search tool, you can find other independent meet and greet parking operators that will meet you at the airport and park your car for you. These are often better value (see the above quote for an example), but please do check other details such as cancellation terms and where your car will be located while you’re away.

Is There a Short Stay Car Park at Manchester Airport?

There are short stay and mid stay car parks located near terminal 1 and terminal 3, and these are perfect for long weekends and short business trips. They are a short walk to the terminal buildings and are operated with Automated Number Plate Recognition so they are easy and convenient to use. You can search and pre-book using our search tool, or get a specific short stay quote from the Manchester Airport site.

Is There a Free Pick Up Point at Manchester Airport?

The free pick up point is located at the JetParks 1 car park. Here you can meet passengers coming off their free shuttle bus service, so it gives you a bit more flexibility with waiting times. If you’d rather park near the terminal, the cheapest option is the multi-storey car parks where charges start from £60 for 30 minutes parking.

Is Blue Badge Parking Free at Manchester Airport?

There is provision for disabled parking in the multi-storey, JetParks and arrivals car parks (please note, you cannot pre-book parking in the arrivals car park). Blue Badge holders can also use the drop off areas free of charge.

Is There a Manchester Airport Parking Drop and Go Car Park?

Yes, they have a Drop and Go car park a short walk from terminal 3 or a short bus ride from terminals 1 and 2. This type of car park is designed for those who will be away for longer periods, usually 1-2 weeks or more. They are simple and convenient to use as all you need to do is drop your car and keys off at the kiosk and a member of staff will park your car for you. Drop and Go is only available if you pre-book and is very competitively priced, typically only a little bit more than JetParks park and ride parking. So if you are flying from terminal 3, this option represents excellent value for money – almost a meet and greet service but without the meet and greet price tag!

How Do I Find Cheap Manchester Airport Parking and Hotel Deals?

Using our parking search tool, you can find the option to search for combined Manchester Airport parking and hotels deals if you prefer. Just look for parking quotes for your chosen dates as you usually would, then when you get to the results page, just click on ‘Hotels & Parking’ at the top of the page to see what’s available. You can also find hotel quotes on the Manchester Airport site so you can compare these with the combined prices and see which offers better value for money.

Can You Just Turn Up at Manchester Airport and Park?

If you are travelling at very short notice, you can turn up and park at the multi-storey Manchester Airport car parks without booking beforehand, but all other car parks require pre-booking. However, if you do turn up and park, please be aware, there is a huge difference in parking charges. Using an 8 day stay as an example, pre-booking for the multi-storey car park will cost around £65, but if you turn up without booking, this same period will cost you £360. And of course, if you are pre-booking, there are even cheaper options than that available. So even if you have booked your holiday at short notice, it is still worth pre-booking before you leave for the airport because you can save a huge amount of money.