Even with the situation in a constant state of flux, booking a holiday and hoping for the best can still give us all something to look forward to in the new year. It doesn’t look like Covid isn’t going to disappear any time soon, but we can still arrange all sorts of travel and activities and sensibly take into account any safety concerns. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at the top 10 most popular questions asked about Covid-19 friendly travel ideas, covering general travel, destinations and holiday activities.

How Will Covid-19 Change Travel?

Even before the pandemic, many people were already thinking about how they can make their holidays more sustainable. But Covid-19 has brought this into focus to a greater extent. Thinking about how our travel plans impact on the environment could mean more road trips rather than taking so many flights (as suggested by National Geographic), or perhaps just choosing to holiday closer to home. And no doubt more of us will be seeking out less crowded holiday destinations in the future.

Is It Recommended to Travel During Covid-19?

Travelling abroad is currently permitted, but you should always check the most up to date government guidelines before planning any trip. Here you can find current guidance on international travel from England (along with links for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). If you have already booked a holiday, please also check the guidelines for your airline and accommodation as well.

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What Are the Best Safe Holiday Activities During Covid?

One thing we know about the spread of Covid-19 is that there’s a much lower risk of it happening when you are outdoors. So with that in mind, it might be worth basing your holiday choice around one particular outdoor activity. The Mayo Clinic has put together a very helpful article covering low risk and high risk activities, with outdoor ideas such as golf, kayaking, boating, sailing and rock-climbing included. If you have already booked your holiday, then we suggest searching for specific activities and events that are available at your travel destination. For example, Forbes has put together this list of Covid-friendly activities in the USA, including going to the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

What Are the Best Covid-Friendly Activities for Groups?

If you are travelling as a larger group, then you may want to consider booking private tours on your trip. This way, you avoid mixing with other groups on tour buses. When it comes to specific types of group activities, then consider some of the ideas mentioned above such as kayaking or golfing. We also suggest seeing what things you can book exclusively for your group as well, as this will also minimise contact with others.

Which Travel Activities Increase the Risk of Covid-19?

The general rule here is the same as when you go about your normal, everyday activities on home shores: avoid crowds, especially those indoors. Of course, the good thing about booking a summer holiday is that you’re probably planning on spending most of your time outdoors anyway (weather permitting). But what if there’s something on your bucket list that might come with a bit more risk? This article includes a very helpful summary of the covid risks that could be associated with popular activities. For example, if there is a particular museum you want to visit, then it’s worth checking out how well-ventilated it is, and what the busiest times are for visiting (and avoid these if possible). Visiting a theme park will also come with risks, so please check out the latest guidelines online before you set out for the day.

What are the Best Things to do During Covid with Friends?

Again, we refer you back to the ideas for holidaying as a group above. But if you’re a smaller group, perhaps hire bikes for the day? This gives you a chance to explore your surroundings, get some fresh air and exercise, and is much more affordable than hiring a tour bus!

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Where are the Safest Places to Travel Right Now?

Where is safe to travel right now might not be the safest place to visit in six months time, so please bear this in mind if you’re basing your choice of destination on this factor. In the first instance, we’d recommend checking the government guidance and whether any countries are currently on the red list. It’s also worth remembering that some countries may have restrictions on travellers coming from the UK. But if you have booked your holiday quite far in advance, the best thing to do is simply choose somewhere you want to visit! It’s almost impossible to predict what could happen in a few months’ time, so just make sure you are aware of cancellation and refund policies, and have good travel insurance in place.

What Outdoor Activities Can Kids Do?

Or rather, what can’t they do? There will always be plenty of choice for children when it comes to playing outdoors when on holiday, whether it’s organised activities arranged by tour companies or simply getting out and about with them yourself. If you’re yet to book your family holiday, why not consider camping? If you stay with a family-orientated company, there will be plenty of kids’ activities to choose from.

Where Should I Go on Vacation to Avoid Crowds?

Some already prefer the road less travelled, but in covid times, this is now a perfect opportunity to explore those quieter holiday destinations. This article has some suggestions for specific resorts, regions and cities that aren’t as crowded as more well-known destinations, including Rotterdam, El Tiede National Park in Tenerife and Pirita Beach in Estonia.

Where Can I Avoid Crowds in the UK?

We may be a small, populated island, but there are still plenty of spots where you can get away from everyone and everything. You could pick one of our beautiful national parks in the Highlands, South Downs or Pembrokeshire, or why not visit somewhere not so well-known as a holiday destination? Countryfile has put together a selection of some of the best crowd-free destinations in Britain including a converted railway carriage in Sunderland and a holiday cottage on a National trust estate in Derbyshire.

Will Covid Have an Effect on the Cost of Airport Parking?

There hasn’t been any noticeable difference in the cost of airport parking in recent months. In fact, holidaymakers have seen some extra benefits, with more flexibility when it comes to cancellations and refunds. Whenever you are booking your space, we’d always recommend looking for quotes as soon as you possibly can to get the best price. And it’s always worth booking with price comparison sites such as ours to get the choice of cheap airport parking and airport parking providers.

There are still so many questions around travelling now and in the near future. But if you’re looking to avoid crowds, stay outdoors as much as possible and make your plans as covid-friendly as they can be, there are still plenty of options. And you never know, your perfect holiday might be something you would have never considered before the pandemic! However, our top advice is to do your research and admin before you leave, wherever you are visiting. Check national and local guidelines and restrictions, and make sure you’re covered for any cancellations that might occur.