Looking to book a fantastic holiday this 2019 but aren’t sure where to venture? Well, whether you want a family getaway to a sunny, tropical island or a couple’s adventure to a city full of culture and history; we are here to help. Here at Parking At Airports, we have compiled a countdown of the top 5 holiday destinations for this year, complete with things to do and of course; ways to save money on your break. Check out our 2019 holiday guide below.

1. Cavtat, Croatia

Many people are planning a getaway to sunny Croatia this year, and it’s quickly becoming one of Europe’s favourite holiday destinations for a variety of reasons. This diverse country offers everything from historic buildings and vibrant city life to peaceful forests and crystal blue waters. Cavtat is a coastal town to the southeast of Dubrovnik (one of the most historic cities in Croatia). Cavtat is full of things to see and do, and you can check out just a few of the best things this town has to offer, below.

Explore Nature: Croatia is known for its beautiful natural landscapes and national parks, and Cavtat is no exception. You can explore the Krka National Park which is just an hour’s drive from Cavtat, Mljet National Park or Lastovo National Park, all situated within an hours’ drive (depending on where you are staying). You can also enjoy a Jeep Safari along the Konavle region full of beautiful fields and hills.

Top Ways to Save Money on Your Croatia Holiday

  • Get Free Kids Stays: Booking your Croatia holiday doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, especially when you book your break online. There are a variety of ways to save on your holiday including taking advantage of “Free Child Stays” which are available on hundreds of holiday packages from TUI Holidays to Jet2Holidays.
  • Save on the Little Things: Saving money on the little things soon adds up, so whether you are flying from London Heathrow or Glasgow Airport, you can enjoy discounts on flights, hotels and airport parking. Use our Cheap Glasgow Airport Parking offers and stack up your savings on a hassle-free holiday.


2. Calabria, Italy

Italy has long been one of Europe’s favourite holiday destinations, and the beautiful Calabria in Southern Italy is one of the most popular places to visit this 2019. With a huge 500-mile coastline, clifftop towns harbouring incredible views of the ocean and historical castles and intricate lanes; Calabria is full of possibilities.

Visit the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Reggio Calabria: Don’t miss out on visiting this top attraction on your trip. This famous museum houses some of the most fascinating archaeological discoveries around Calabria, Basilicata and Sicily. Situated right in the heart of the city, you can venture through the history of this incredible city and see Italy in new light.


Top Ways to Save Money on Your Italy Holiday

  • Find Cheap Flights: Get the cheapest flights to Calabria from the UK when you fly from Stansted Airport. Enjoy return flights from only £80 and get super cheap Stansted airport parking when you use Parking At Airports to book your car parking.
  • Book Early: Enjoy some early booking bargains when you book your holiday in advance. If you don’t have a specific date In mind of when you would like to travel, be sure to browse dates and try to pick ones which aren’t during peak periods (such as June/July during the weekends).


3.  Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is a vibrant hub of culture; full to the brim with a variety of things to see and do, from magnificent palaces to beautiful gardens. Packed with market stalls selling all sorts of Moroccan delights, you can explore this exciting tourist hub for days, weeks or even months without running out of things to do!

Venture Through the Saadian Tombs: Located near the Kasba Mosque in Marrakesh, taking a tour of the Saadian Tombs will be truly unforgettable. Discovered in 1917, these magnificent tombs house around 60 members of the 16th Century rulers, the Saadi Dynasty, and are famous for their architectural beauty, carved blessings and luxury gardens.


Top Ways to Save On Your Marrakesh Holiday

  • Fly Direct: You can fly to Marrakesh directly from major UK airports such as Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, Birmingham and Manchester. Save money on flights when you fly direct and enjoy cheap Gatwick airport parking to help your holiday get off to a stress-free start.
  • Book Affordable Accommodation: Finding high quality places to stay that are well within budget can be tricky no matter where you travel. However, if you know where to book, you can find some great deals on hotels and hostels. Medina (the historic part of Marrakesh) is one of the most affordable places to stay, with a variety of hotels complete with pools and rooftop dining.


4. Crete, Greece

The largest of the Greek Islands, Crete is known for its white sand beaches, picturesque villages and Mediterranean sunsets. Whether you are looking for the perfect family holiday or the ideal couples’ getaway, this exotic island has a variety of hotels and activities for everyone from the foodie to those looking for a little adventure.

Hike the Samaria Gorge: Being the longest gorge in Europe, the Samaria Gorge has plenty of breath-taking views and fascinating animal species living within; making it a key goal on many people’s bucket lists. Located in Samaria National Park, on this trail you can explore the abandoned village of Samaria, as well as the ancient church Ossia Maria.


Top Ways to Save On Your Crete Holiday

  • Use Budget Travel: Most of Crete is accessible via buses, with nearby islands having an affordable ferry service. Taking the bus is much cheaper than a taxi, with taxi prices also going up during the evening and into the night. Another budget way to get around Crete is to rent a car or moped, although rental prices do vary.
  • Visit During the Off Season: Crete holidays tend to be more expensive during the summer, with July and August being the priciest times to book. If you are flexible about when you go, try to book for winter or spring breaks, and you can save a bundle on your holiday.