Travelling by air can be stressful; there are so many things to remember – especially if you have a family! If you’re jet setting off from a UK airport you may find our packing checklist useful.

One thing every holidaymaker has in common is that getting away is an attempt to enjoy a stress-free break, but before you embark on your journey there are many checks you may need to carry out. Assuming you’ve already carried out the most integral parts of your holiday preparation such as hotel bookings, parking, transfers and traveller cheques. If you haven’t then don’t panic, you’ll be able to book your hotel and parking right here, get cheap Liverpool Airport parking, Manchester Airport car parking, parking at Bristol Airport and over 20 other locations in the UK.

So there has to be stages to a checklist as there are different times you will need various essentials and plus some should be prioritised over others.

Essentials List

These fundamentals must be included and you may want to keep a check on these throughout, as you don’t want to lose them.



Medication (take document if prescription)

Bank Cards

(If you paid for a hotel via debit then be sure to take the same card)


Foreign Currency and Traveller Cheques

It’s imperative to ensure you have the previously mentioned items and that goes without saying, but you can now use this as your checklist before leaving your home.

Hand Luggage

Hand luggage must-needs is more subjective as it varies for each individual.

Phone, Tablets and Device Chargers

For long haul flights, especially, as you may wish to use the plane’s Wi-Fi once you’ve been granted permission to do-so. Plus long waits in the airport become rather tedious and you may wish to browse the Internet. Be sure to pack your chargers in your hand luggage and make them easily accessible, maybe in the side pocket or pouch.

Books and Magazines

Keep yourself occupied both at the airport and on the plane, if you pack them away then be sure they’re one of the last things you put in, this way you can grab some light entertainment whenever you wish.


Don’t forget your favourite sunglasses, if you’re venturing to somewhere sunny you may want to waste no time in putting on your shades.

Jumper or Jacket

If you’re flying from Bristol Airport to Jamaica you may be wondering why you’d waste time packing a jumper. Well, often the plane can get a little chilly with the air-con.

Travel Sick Tablets

If you get travelsick or motion sickness then you best take some travel sickness tablets or remedies with you. Another tip is to drink tea or hot water with ginger put in, this is known to help motion sickness.

Mosquito Spray

This is dependant on where you are travelling to, but if it is known for mosquitos likely to carry Malaria and other known fevers, then be sure to have your spray handy. This way you can apply your spray on arrival.

Spare clothes/underwear

This is a tactic some people utilise, simply as a precaution. It’s incase your luggage is lost or your flight is delayed. There’s been some reports of suitcases taking longer to find their owner after connections have been delayed, in this instance you’d have to wait a day or two for your luggage, so ensure a change of clothes or underwear you may want to freshen up with during a long airport wait. Obviously, it’s an unlikely event but if you have weight left to use it could be a good call.


Again, you may wish to freshen up after whilst waiting in the airport or after landing.


It might already seem rather excessive and appear as over-kill but you most likely didn’t need every single item already mentioned. Other items you may want to include in your main luggage is pretty obvious, be sure you have all your toiletries such as deodorant, hair products, wipes, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrush (you may want this in your hand luggage too) and contact lenses or glasses.

Then you would obviously include your swimwear, underwear, shirts, t-shirts, footwear, sandals, beach towels, hats and more.

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