Hand luggage restrictions are one of the most complicated elements of trip planning. Yet packing the wrong items in your carry-on bag can prevent you from enjoying a comfortable flight- or even your entire holiday. To make sure that you have packed everything that you need, here is a complete list of everything you need to have with you before you step on your plane.

  • Cosmetics and Hygiene Products

Although you are only allowed to take 100ml liquids that fit into a 20 x 20 bag on your flight, according to the UK Government’s website, it is advantageous to make the most of this rule rather than leaving your cosmetics in your suitcase. Having your cosmetics with you can allow you to refresh after your flight and ensure that you feel fabulous from the moment you step off your plane. You should also consider taking hygiene products such as toothpaste, a toothbrush, and anti-bac wipes with you to allow you to feel ready to start your holiday after a snooze on the plane. If you are traveling while coronavirus is still prevalent, you should also take a small bottle of hand sanitizer to make sure that you can stay healthy and protect yourself throughout the flight.

  • Your Documents

While you are traveling through the airport and security, you will need to have certain documents with you, and it is paramount that you do not leave these trapped in your hold luggage. For instance, you should always keep your passport, your boarding pass, your visa, your travel insurance policy, and your inoculation certificate with you at all times in case you need them to bypass security or to enter the country in question.

  • Accessories

There are some accessories that no trip is complete without, though. From a pair of reading glasses to ensure that you can enjoy your entertainment to a headrest to support you while you sleep, there are many accessories that some people are unable to fly without. To find the best options for you, travel pack planners can help make your holiday as comfortable as possible from the moment you leave the UK. Check out this luxury travel pack from Cash Lady.

  • Entertainment

However, it will be a boring flight unless you remember to pack some entertainment to keep you entertained throughout the journey. For instance, many people choose to pack an E-reader, which can take up less space than a couple of books and a mobile phone or tablet on which they can watch their favourite shows or films. If you will do this, though, you should remember to pack a portable charger that can make sure your screen goes not fade to black while you are up in the air.

  • Valuables

If you have valuable or breakable objects with you, it might be best to take these in hand luggage to keep them safe. This is because valuables can often be broken when your luggage is being handled at the airport, and there is always a slight risk that your suitcase could get lost between your home country and your destination. Then, to avoid a large and unexpected expense, you should pack these securely within your hand luggage if you can.