Are you planning a trip abroad and wondering how Brexit will affect your break? Well, whether you’ve booked a romantic Italian getaway or a fantastic French break, you can get your travel sorted in preparation for Brexit. Over the last few years, the UK has somewhat been in turmoil with discussions over Brexit; when is it happening? What does it mean for the economy? What about travelling abroad? Well, there are many questions the British public have about what Brexit means for various aspects of our lives, and our travel experts have a go to guide for those wanting to venture abroad during these turbulent times.

When Is Brexit Happening?

With various postponements and “Deal or No Deal” confusions; it can be hard to keep up with the current timings when it comes to when we are actually leaving the EU. Currently, the UK are due to officially due to leave the EU on the 31st of October; however, be sure to keep up to date with the news to see if things change over the coming months. The specifics of what happens to the UKs relationship with the EU after we leave is still up in the air; and dependant on whether an agreement can be reached.

What we do know, however, is that there will be a transition period until the end of 2020 whether a deal or no deal Brexit is reached. That means it is safe to book flights and holidays across the EU, as your holiday booking won’t be affected. Airline compensation is also set to be the same post Brexit.

How Will This Affect Life In the UK?

There is a lot of uncertainty around the effects that Brexit will have, but experts agree that saving up the pennies is a good idea to prepare for any changes that may occur. Although predicting the impact of Brexit is impossible, being prepared for all scenarios is key; especially for those of us who are getting ready to travel, be it on holiday for a couple of weeks or journeying round Europe for six months. Therefore having a saving scheme is ideal, such as saving £100 out of your pay every month (or however much you can manage). Whether finances are affected or not, having a nest egg is always good for emergencies and spending sprees!


Although life and personal finances will likely not be drastically affected right away (and depending on who you ask it could either greatly improve or greatly hinder UK economy), having a store of savings is always a great idea. According to Money Advice Service, leaving the EU could mean there is at least a period of financial instability, with investments being affected also.

How Will Brexit Affect My Travel?

If your holiday is already booked or you are travelling before the end the October, then your holiday plans are safe. however, the EU has already said that British holiday makers could still travel within the EU visa free for 12 months after Brexit – although we may need to wait in the “other countries” queue during travel, which could result in slowing down our travels. According to BBC News, the best way to ensure your holiday plans are protected is by booking a package holiday. This way, UK holiday makers can be rest assured that the travel provider will make sure that the holiday goes ahead or provide an equal alternative if anything happens.

In order to make sure your travel isn’t slowed down too much, be sure to book your holiday online well in advance. Plus, here at Parking at Airports you can book your airport parking at super low rates, whether you are after Cheap Dublin Airport Parking or bargain car parking for Bristol airport. As well as preparing by booking your airport parking online, you can book your holiday extras such as insurance and airport lounges alongside your flights and hotel to get an affordable holiday sorted so you aren’t rushing around at the last minute!

Passports: As for UK passports, if your passport is up for renewal soon, then travel companies recommend that you try to renew your passport before the 31st of October. If it isn’t, then you don’t need to worry, as (at the moment) your UK passport will still be valid until it’s expiry date. If new rules apply however, then new passports might be needed for all UK citizens, so as with all of the EU news, make sure you keep up to date.


What About Driving Abroad?

As far as driving within the EU, this is the area which may be affected more surely by Brexit. In a no-deal Brexit, Brits travelling after October 31st might have to apply for an international Driving Permit in order to drive abroad, which is needed for any country you visit. It’s also advised that you get a GB sticker to pop on your car.