This small Scottish airport has certainly been making the news recently. Not only has it become embroiled in a Trump scandal, but now it’s main passenger airline, Ryanair, is reducing the number of flights and routes that depart from its terminal. So if you are planning on flying from there in the near future or already have a flight booked, what are your options?


What Happened at Prestwick Airport?

The financial troubles of this airport have been ongoing for many years now. Currently in the hands of the Scottish government, it is now looking for a new buyer that can hopefully change its fortunes. However, it still provides a useful departure point for many residents on the south west coast looking for budget flights to popular European hotspots. The bad news is that Ryanair has now announced it is reducing the number of flights that leave from Prestwick. From a high of 42 flights a week in 2013, this is now set to drop to a record low of just 11 flights a week this winter. Destinations still available include Alicante, Faro, Lanzarote and Malaga.

Add to this the news that Prestwick Airport has been linked to the latest Donald Trump scandal. Congress are investigating whether increased re-fuelling spending at Prestwick by US military aircraft and the subsequent visits by US military staff to Trump’s nearby Ayrshire golfing resort are a conflict of interest and in violation of the constitution. So perhaps it’s understandable if you want or have to look for a new departure point for your holiday.


What Options Do Holidaymakers Have?

Well, you can, of course, still fly out from Prestwick Airport for your holidays or mini breaks. There are still many budget flights available to sunny destinations, and if you live in this area, it still represents excellent value. With its own train station, reliable bus services to and from Glasgow and excellent cheap Prestwick Airport parking, there are plenty of easy and affordable ways to get to and from the terminal.

But if there are no suitable flights departing from this airport, then Glasgow is an obvious solution. It may not be as easy to get to if you live on the south west coast of Scotland, but there are many, many advantages to flying from here. For starters, Easyjet recently announced they were increasing the number of flights that leave from Glasgow. And then you have an abundance of long haul options too. But if you’re worried about the prospect of getting to and from their terminals, we can help you out with cheap Glasgow Airport parking. This enables you to take your own car, saving you time. And if you book far enough in advance, you can get a very affordable parking rate as well as access extra discounts.

So as you can see, there are still many convenient options available for Scottish travellers in this part of the country. And here’s hoping Prestwick Airport’s fortunes have a turnaround in the near future.