We fully admit that airport parking can be quite a confusing thing to navigate. For starters, there are lots of companies offering lots of different services for lots of different car parks located at varying distances from the actual airport. Phew. So when we’re told that even MORE spaces are being planned for Manchester Airport, you might be wondering how that affects you exactly. So we’ve put together a short guide on why these spaces are being introduced and what it means for holidaymakers.


Who Will Benefit?

Airport parking used to be considered one of the pricier ways of getting to and from the terminal, but that has all changed in recent years. Leaving your car in a secure airport car park could actually work out cheaper than the cost of trains and taxis if you book at the right time. So the availability of more parking spaces in this respect is going to be a good thing for your own travel costs. In theory, the great the number of parking spaces, the more choice for the customer and potentially lower prices too.

But when looking at the Manchester Airport news in particular, in what other ways will holidaymakers benefit? The main reason given for the building of 800 new airport parking spaces is that the airport has actually lost 27000 off-site parking spaces over the last two decades. This has led to an increase in airport ‘kiss and fly’ drop offs and taxi journeys, which in turn has increased congestion in and around the airport. Airport authorities have made a case that the building of more airport parking provision would actually be better for the environment than the current situation. The hoped-for outcome would be more people leaving their vehicles in off-site car parks and less congestion and therefore pollution near the terminal.

Only time will tell whether the environment will benefit or not. But one thing’s for sure – less congestion near Manchester Airport can only be a good thing everyone flying out from there.


How Can I Find the Best Prices for Airport Parking Spaces?

These 800 new spaces are only the in the process of being approved, but what if you need access to cheap Manchester Airport parking now? Well there are lots of steps you can take. The first thing to do is to try and arrange one as early as you possibly can. If you’re a regular flyer, get in the habit of searching for a quote as soon as your flights are booked, as the closer you leave it to your departure date, the more expensive your airport parking is probably going to be.

Secondly, consider whether it would be more convenient and better value to look for a hotel and parking package. Here on Parking at Airports, we can search for hotel deals too if you think it may be easier for you to book a stay near the airport the night before you leave. And the last thing you need to consider is what type of airport parking service you require. If you want to keep the price low, then park and ride is by far you best option. However, it’s worth taking a quick look at on-site and meet and greet prices too, just to make sure you’re not missing out on an excellent offer.

As there comes news of yet more airport expansion, expect news of yet more airport parking spaces too. With a new runaway at Heathrow set to open and more flights announced at Glasgow, many of these new passengers will want somewhere safe to leave their car while they’re away. And if you think you might fall into this category, finding airport parking with a reliable site like ours is one of the best value and convenient ways to book, ensuring your car will be looked after and you’ll be paying a fair price for the service.